Why the Yellow Pages are still in business

163578_46725949We’ve all seen the IPhone ads.¬† You know the one, it plays cool music in the background while Apple tells us that it will change everything.

Well they’re right.¬† The IPhone, Blackberry, Google G1, and every other smart phone is changing everything.¬† Because if you’re under 40 you’ve probably used your phone to find a local business.¬† If you’re under 30 you probably used the GPS in your phone to drive to a location.

Are you starting to understand?¬† I DID NOT USE A PHONE BOOK!!¬† I used my phone, it’s with me all the time.¬† It gives me a map of where to drive, sometimes the hours of operation.¬† It can give me more than one option and perhaps some reviews.

Sure the phone book is good if the power goes out, or your phone is dead, or you’re lost in the desert with no cell reception, a phone book and a payphone.¬† But beyond that it really serves no purpose.¬† Do people still use it? Yes, of course they do but let’s face it, the phone is replacing the phonebook.

So what’s the hold up, well, many contractor still don’t have websites.¬† They don’t know how to get on Google Local and Maps.¬† These small companies are not Geeks like I am, and although they hardly use the Yellow Pages either, it’s the only way to find them.

Come on people, lets do two things.

1. Let’s make sure we get ourselves listed in Google Local.

It’s easy. Click Here to Sign up for Google Local

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be listed in no time.

2. Everyone one of us has a friend who’s contractor, plumber, accountant, dentist, you get my point.¬† Get them listed, it will take you five minutes to make it happen.¬† You’ll help their business, that’s what friends do.¬† Friends don’t let friends waste resources and money.

No let’s get out there and help the little guy!

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