What Type of Businesses Have the Most Facebook Reach?

Facebook remains the most popular form of social media to promote brand awareness which I have discussed here.

Recently, Roost, a social marketing platform for individual professionals, businesses, consultants and agencies, determine what type of businesses have topped the rank in terms of increasing the impact of social campaigns, engagement & remaining active in marketing.

Summary of Roost’s findings:

  • Businesses who had the most reach are small & mid-sized businesses who are involved in music, entertainment, and luxury goods.
  • Small and mid-sized businesses who are in the medical and health industries are the most active.
  • Companies in the music and broadcast media sectors posted the most efficient “signal-to-noise” ratios.

As analyzed by Roost, in terms of reach, medical practices were the most preplexing, it is the last in the rank in terms of reach but it is topping the activity list.

Other industries with similarly large gaps included:

  • Music, number one, 26th in activity;
  • Consumer electronics, number five versus 23, respectively;
  • Hotel and hospitality, six versus 25;
  • Commercial real estate, 25 versus seven;
  • Fitness, 26 versus five; and
  • Insurance, 27 and eight.

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