Video, Your Website and Facebook, Can’t they all just get along?


I made a Facebook post a couple of days(February 13th) ago showing a video tutorial from James Wedmore, he demonstrated how to add external link annotations to your Youtube video. ¬†I’ve put that video at the bottom of this post. ¬†Take a look at it once you watch how to implement this technique to generate more business.

I promised you I would show you how to use Facebook, Your Website and External Link Annotations to drive more traffic and leads to you every day.

So here it is in awesome video format. I’m still working in the Kitchen with the new Puppy. So you’ll hear the puppy and the cat as I demonstrate this technique for you.

Don’t forget your comments I would love to hear from you as always!! And if you know a colleague who is struggling with generating web leads and would find this information useful, then pass it along. They’ll love you for it, it’s your chance to be a hero, and opportunities like this comes along once or twice in a lifetime, so this is your big moment, be a hero and pass this info a along.

Here’s Jame’s Annotation tutorial.

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