SocialRent: Renting Just Got Social

Looking for the exact home that you want online is tough. Going over what seem to be an endless list of ¬†homes that don’t really show you what you want is another thing. Finding the words to describe what you want in a home is a little hard that you just want to grab a pen & paper & put in to writing and drawing the details & the layout that you want.

A new startup called SocialRent, aims to make situations like these a lot easier. SocialRent, a Facebook app, basically works like ¬†a “Supplier-Buyer” matching service with a fun & helpful twist. For now, SocialRent aims to address the need of apartment-seekers and coordinate those needs to real estate agents. The app is a collaborative tool – after users sign up, they build a “crew” of Facebook friends, then each member can add inputs and edit information about what neighborhoods they want to live in, the location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the monthly rental budget. When everything is agreed and everyone is happy with the outcome, SocialRent will then send the information to real estate agents.

CEO James Zar together with other students of Boston University built the app over their winter break. The company has already incorporated and it has recruited real estate professional, Jamie Lebowitz, as its president and first investor.

Currently, SocialRent is limited to real estate agents in Boston area but promises that they are working to bring other agents into the program quickly. He noted that for now, renters in other cities outside Boston area can still use the app to coordinate their needs but the information just won’t get forwarded to an agent. The CEO added that in the future they are looking at adding features that allow renters to actually find roommates through the app and much more.

I find the idea of the app impressive and interesting. At the moment, it has a lot of room for opportunities. It could actually be a jumpstart to something broader which may include a different approach in looking for a place or a house not just to rent but to buy or maybe looking for commercial places for lease, etc.. This could be of great help to real estate agents across the country considering Facebook’s influence in social marketing & maybe in the future SocialRent is not just going to stay as a Facebook app.

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