Social Media is here to stay it’s time to get onboard!

confusedDon’t believe in Social Media? Well, it probably doesn’t believe in you either! Which is why you don’t get squat from it!

Ignoring social media is like missing the most important networking event in your community of the century! Anybody who’s anybody is there, but you.

15 years ago there was this thing called the internet. You know just a fad passing through. Those that embraced it then now have a great web presence, and picked up an extra 50 grand per year in deals over the agent that thought it was a waste of time.

Oh, I can you hear now, “Tom, I don’t have time for all this stuff, I’m too busy sitting around waiting for sign calls, or duty calls to make an extra $50,000.” Yeah, ok, whatever!

Well by the time you get your butt in gear to get a website with some search rankings and traffic, the next generation will have dumped email, moved on to social mediums, and you’ll still be wondering what happened.

Seriously, you could just go back to cold calling, you know until you get a big fat fine for violating the “Do Not Call” list!

Or maybe you still drop $300 per week into newspaper, you know the thing NO ONE EVEN READS anymore. That’s $15600 on advertising that was responsible for 3% of home sales according to NAR! Good choice in money management. It’s true your competitors are there, heaven for bid you be a leader!

Still don’t believe in social media? Watch the video below!

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