See How The Oldest Real Estate Brokerage in The U.S. Brought the Old Basics to New

NP Dodge is the oldest real estate company in the United States. For some reasons, the company has been regarded as old and conservative. But the old saying “It’s Hard to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks” does not apply to them.

I have stumbled upon this video of the company on YouTube and I find it fresh, creative and fun! This video has even gone viral! The video has been wonderfully made with all the dance moves, props and all the energy, anyone who gets to watch it would really love to do business and work with the team!

They have come up with the idea of bringing the old to the new, embracing the technology the present time has to offer through this video and so much more! Finding innovative ways to brand your company or any organization is very important to keep up with the ever changing times and to keep up with customers, clients and competitors. This is a very good example of how realtors can use video beyond just adding listings to sites and just home tours.


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