Save More & Spend Less on Your Data Plans w/ This Must-Have App

iPhone data plan users are going to be very happy with this new application. Onavo is a money saver in every sense. You can download the Onavo application for free. Onavo’s core functionality is shrinking your data usage to save you cash on your monthly bills.¬† It compresses the data that goes through your iPhone and shrinks your overall data usage. It can compress data of many services/apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Web, E-mail and many others to make your data plan last longer. Onavo is also very useful when you’re roaming.

Onavo runs in the background, after you set it up, you’ll hardly notice that it’s there.¬† It will take care of compressing all the data that you’re handling on its very own servers and another thing that is very remarkable is that the speed at which your iPhone runs, is not going to be affected in any way. Pictures might appear a little degraded, but if it‚Äôs saving you cash, I’m sure you can live without crystal perfect images while on the go.


The app is fairly straightforward and easy to use with 3 menu panels to navigate through:

My Savings – Gives you a running total of what you’ve saved and showing you a simple chart break down of the apps & the corresponding number of data consumed.

Save Money – Let’s you start and stop the service.

Add-ons – Allows you to individually set which apps you want to be affected by Onavo. The Facebook Add-On promises to help you save 50 per cent, while the Instagram offering claims 70 per cent saving.

Onavo doesn’t affect your calling capabilities or you Wi-Fi access. It is sure to impress anybody for the simple reasons that it is highly-effective and the app itself cost nothing to use.¬† So there’s no reason for you not to give it a try.



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