Promote Your Brand, Products & Services Using Facebook With This Free WordPress Plugin

Facebook “Pages” is a really great way for corporations and brands  to advertise on Facebook. Facebook users interact with Pages the same way Facebook users can interact with groups. Fans on a Facebook fan page can post photos, videos, links, discuss topics on the discussion board and comment on the Page wall, all depending on the settings set by the Page administrator.

Facebook Pages are more flexible, unlike Groups, you can add Applications to enhance your Page, which is an advantage and beneficial to businesses. Pages also has a number of methods to communicate with users who “Like” the page. You can send updates to users which appear as notifications. The updates that you send can be targeted by age, gender, and location.

Businesses can also take advantage of Facebook’s analytics engine, Facebook insights. It gives you metrics such as the number of page views, unique pageviews, photo views, number of fans added per day, etc.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, so it’s really a great way to consider and include Facebook as one of your marketing medium. Pages also have SEO benefits as they show up very high in search results for your brand or product. Facebook pages cost nothing to set up and there are no monthly fees for maintaining a page. When Facebook switched from using FBML to iframes on their fan pages, it opened up a great opportunity to businesses to promote their brand or product and give fans a more professional touch. With this new feature, you can build your own website within Facebook. You can insert videos, custom opt-in forms, pictures, audio, etc. and it’s so easy to do. With these capability, you can really engage with your potential customers and they can spread the word about your page. Which is a very effective and fun way to do your marketing.

All you need to do is to install this Facebook iFrame WordPress Plugin and you can start promoting your ad campaigns, promotions, etc. on Facebook Pages. I have found a video tutorial on YouTube showing you how to do it step by step.

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