Noteleaf: An Essential in Scheduling a Meeting

Our memory enables us to recall, store and retain experiences & information. On a day to day basis, you interact with a lot of different people virtually and in real life, it’s normal and forgivable if you don’t and can’t recall every single person that you’ve met and every detail & information you came across with. You can’t mentally keep track of all the personal details about the people you’re communicating with. That’s why having basic information like the name, phone number & address in a contact database is a must. But we need more than just a contact database when we are running late to meet a new client at a coffee shop or elsewhere.

As much as possible, you would like to be reminded about everything you knew about the new client while “on the go”. Noteleaf does the work for you. It is a free digital software application that enhances your Google Calendar reminders. Noteleaf sends a text message to your smartphone right before your scheduled meeting with a link to a mobile profile that gives you all the information you need like your client’s face, meeting location & time and even the  recent emails exchanged with that person.

It can’t get easier than this, having everything you need for a meeting sent to you via SMS and  just by using your phone minus the need to bring along the bulky notebooks & journals that you have. Plus you don’t have to ask awkward questions like what is he going to be wearing or  the color of his shirt. This new application is making our life a lot easier!

Again, sign up is free and you can get started in less than 60 seconds!

Here’s how it works & what it looks:


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