My Favourite People (Peeps) to Follow on Twitter

I know a lot of people out there don’t get twitter yet. They thinks it’s all about people telling other people they went o walk their dog.

But we know better, in fact twitter passes us information, news and friendship from across the world keeping people in touch at all times. I’ll admit I was skeptic and it took me much longer than I care to admit to finally get on board. But I’m a convert, evangelical in nature even.

But my conversion can be attributed to those who make the effort to provide real value out to the twitterverse. That’s what this post is all about, paying homage to those I respect and follow.

1. From
@mvolpe and @Karenrubin – Because of and the fact that these two use twitter to answer question during the show. They also showed me the benefit of binding Social Media, SEO and Web marketing together for best benefits.

Also, special shout out to @ellieeille for her excellent linking and great sense of humour.

2. From @Jimconnolly for his constant support to the community. His blog is fantastic! A good example is this post here. He answer direct messages and replies with thought, and tells the truth about what he thinks when you ask his opinion.

3. @joelrunner he was one of the first to actual follow and retweet one of my post. I don’t think people realize how excited a person gets when they see something they spent time and energy on get reposted. I’m know that many of my leads came from his first retweet. Not sure how I’ll repay the favour, since he never wants anything in return. You can find his blog at:

4. @BeeRealty if you choose to follow anyone follow this Lady, she’s amazingly funny, tweets about all sorts of things, and must cause me to follow have a dozen new people each day just to find how she even got on a subject. I’m pretty sure she’s the reason Twitter exist. Her website is:

There’s more, and I’ll add them in another post down the road. But I promise you if you start to follow these people you’ll get what Twitter is about, and you’ll see why I’m convert now.

What or who caused you to be a twitter addict?

We would love to hear your thoughts.