Interesting thing happen today, Social Media brain fart.

1095635_desperate_couple_2_I had an interesting experience today.

My goal is to help others, specifically help Realtors get more from their web presence.¬† That’s where my sweet spot is, it’s where I feel I can help the most.¬† I answer a lot of questions, give a lot of free advice, and in the process build relationships and build my business.¬† I love this approach because at the end of the day, if someone does business with me or not, there is no rejection only the feeling that I provided value.

Well today I saw an opportunity for an organzation, they were not really in my sweet spot, but they were close. I knew that with a little bit of coaching and a plan they would have the perfect material and message for social media.  They had truly valuable information that could help hundreds to thousands of Realtors do better this year.

So my first thought was to reach out and try to help.  I explained how and what soemthing a simply as twitter might do for them, and how they could use it to help more people be more successful this year.  A true win/win in my mind.

I sent off the email not expecting a new client but perhaps a curious dialogue would begin.

Here was the response, I’m going to give it to you word for word.¬† Hold on to your hat.


Yep, that’s it.¬† The response did not even make sense given the email I had written.

Maybe I’m sensitive today, maybe they just did not understand what I was trying to communicate to them.¬† But my gut feel here is that these guys just don’t get it, they don’t realize the conversation that is going on.¬† And maybe, just maybe, I was barking up the wrong tree.

Ofcourse, maybe they just don’t see the opportunity, maybe I failed them.

What’s your opinion, do I owe to this company to convince them they are missing the boat?¬† should I care enough about them because I believe in the product and mission of the company?¬† Should I simply accept the apathy and move on?

That’s the new world folks, I don’t work for this company yet here I am debating whether it’s my role to make them market themselves better.¬† I’m not alone out there, people are doing it with bands they love, products they adore and companies can assist these evangalist or risk alienating them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below, add your two cents.

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