Highlight Cam: Pro-Quality Videos in Just a Simple Push of A Button

Have you always had the problem of taking less-than-amazing videos?  Too long & too many boring segments with no activity or human faces, poor framing and really only a few minutes of the video is all you really need. Not all of us have the patience to use video editing software and I’m just happy the HighlightCam app has been created. The app reduces the complexities of video editing with just a simple push of a button.

HighlightCam, centering around mobile device & currently works on the iPhone & iPod Touch, is an amazing application that helps you turn your photos & videos into great mini-movies without the need to do any editing. Based on the user’s preference, HighlightCam simulates a human editor’s decisions and implements them aligned with the user’s stated preference. Just feed it a raw video in any format and it will send back a great video that is  worth sharing!

It edits a user’s video & analyze both the images and the audio track and convert them into an impressive video with enhanced quality & detects the parts of the video that has activity, voice and human faces. It is amazing how it is able to select the most appropriate scenes to put together and make a highlight video that everyone can enjoy. You can even publish minimovies to YouTube or Facebook in one step. So, you can definitely make use of this app as one of your tools for your  social media marketing.

“Think of it like having your own personal video editor: you send them the footage, and tell them what you want, and they do all the editing,” said CEO Robert Neivert. “For us, you send us your footage and tell us what you want, and we do the work and send it back to your iPhone, including scene selection, fades, cutting out of bad shots, audio fading, and more. Just like a professional editor would.”

“Our ideal user is an iPhone user that shoots video and want to share it, but does not have time to manually edit it,” said Neivert. “We expect this will be strongly represented by parents with small children and pet owners who tend to shoot a large amount of casual video, but don’t have the time or skill to manually edit all the footage.”

I am looking forward to shooting more video now that I know I can get results that are actually worth viewing and sharing!

The app is free on the App Store but this gives you only 10 free movies. It costs $2.99 for additional 10 credits.

*You can get a refund if you don’t like the generated movie. 🙂

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