Here’s How “The Time Traveller Technique” Saved Me Hours and Rebooted My Facebook Page. | The Time Traveler Technique

SMSThe first thing you’re asking is what the heck is The Time Traveler Technique.

Simple put, anytime you use a skill, tip, trick, process or tool to block time now so that it auto-magically gets done later, you’re using “The Time Traveler Technique”

I call it Time Travelling because what you do now actual happens in the future.

Here’s an example:


On your Facebook page you can schedule a post to be sent later in the week.


With a tool like this you can plan 30 minute spots each week, plan out what you want to post and get five solid, informative, helpful posts to your followers, schedule them and then know that in the future you’ll be making regular posts on your page.  Because you used “The Time Traveler Technique” you save time and get better information out to those who follow you.

So how did this “The Time Traveler Technique” reboot our Facebook page?

It allowed us to make sure regular post went to our followers, and we could theme them easier.  A real estate agent could focus posts on mortgages, or market changes or a specific neighborhoods.

When we started making theme posts using The Time Traveler Technique our followers became more engaged and followers growth explodes.



In the future, I’ll show you how to use this same technique for Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By blocking your time and using the right tools you’ll be  a social media master, and still have time to run your business and deal with the new leads you’re creating.

Now go to your computer right now and try scheduling a few posts to go out this week.  Check out how easy it is do and let us know your success!

Do you know a friend, or co-worker who’s struggling with being consistent on Social Media and Blogging, someone who could benefit knowing about “The Time Traveler Technique?

Pass this post on to them, email it or like or share it.  They’ll love you for it.

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