Grow Your Twitter Network w/ Monitter

Monitoring keywords on Twitter can give you really good results. With real-time search becoming an important aspect of many popular social networks, sharing sites, etc., consumers expect a quick, honest & helpful response, which is where you’ll come in.

There are a lot of great tracking tools available but one that I’ve been checking out is Monitter. There is a lot to like about Monitter and I could see it being very useful for business.

Monitter is a tracking tool for Twitter that enables you to enter multiple keywords that you want to monitor and then to watch any tweets that mention these words in real time. So if you’re a real estate agent for example, you can enter the keywords, “House for Sale”, “Selling A House” or “Looking for a Real Estate Agent”. This will give you the live streaming of tweets that contain those keywords & quickly respond & maybe if you’re lucky & resourceful enough to find their contact number or email,¬† you can give the one who posted the tweet a call or an email and who knows you can get a buyer or a seller¬† just that simple.

Other great thing about Monitter is you can refine your search and monitor by location. You can add a location and specify a distance from that location that you want to monitor tweets from, so you can really target your search to specific areas that your business covers.

Overall I think this is a very useful tool. Particularly for growing your twitter network and finding the right people for your business at literally the right time. Plus it’s very easy to use, you can simply connect it to your existing twitter account.

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