Gmail for Realtors Tip – Canned Responses

I love Google tools, I love Gmail, I love Google Apps, I love Google Calendar, I sorted of like Google Tasks, but hey you can’t have everything right.

I love how it all integrates into my Blackberry. But enough of the lovefest, we’re here for some serious learning!

This is all in the video below but here’s a quick run down for you.

Ever wondered how to save pre-made emails that you can quickly insert and sent to, ahh, say, a new internet lead? Use Gmail Canned Responses. How you say?

1. Log in to your Gmail Account
2. Go to Settings
3. Go to Labs
4. Go to Canned Responses and enable.
5. Go to Compose email and create the email you would like saved as a Canned Response.
6. Go to Canned Response and click New Canned Response
7. Give it name
8. To use the Response go to Compose Email
9. Click Canned Response
10. Choose your Canned Response

And there you have it, personally I’d watch the video, I here to narrator is incredibly interesting to listen too!

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