Get People to Keep Visiting & Talk About Your Site with Rumble Talk


If you have a website, be it a blog, a portfolio website, a real estate website, etc. there’s always this need to keep on coming up with new & interesting stuff to put up to attract & give visitors a reason to keep on coming back & would make them want to stay longer on your site. RumbleTalk is a chat service that provides your visitors an exciting live conversation experience. It’s a fun way of giving your visitors a further reason to stay on your website and will promote your content for you.

To set it up, go to RumbleTalk. You simply need to register with your email and create a password. Rumble Talk is a cloud-based solution so there’s no coding or server required. The chat is added to the site by simply copying and pasting an automatically generated code.

RumbleTalk provides a live customizable chat widget that can be added to any web page in 3 basic options:

  • Embed anywhere on your website as part of a web page.
  • Embed as a floating toolbar on the bottom.
  • Get a URL and share it to your community.

Why use Rumble Talk?

  • Custom-Designed Chat  – You will have an admin panel where in you can customize & design the look and feel of the chat box to align it with your website’s colors, font & theme, control background style in different parts of the chat, use your own image as a background & it gives you the ability to “stretch or shrink” in size as needed.You can also use Rumble Talk’s skins & templates if you wish.


  • Promote via Social Networking & Increase SEO –  Not only does Rumble Talk adds a chat service to your website, it also has a feature that makes it easy for your visitors to share your website to social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. Use a single sign-on with Facebook or Twitter account.  Visitors will have the ability to “LIKE” your company’s Facebook page & retweet interesting lines from the chat or repost them on Facebook, instantly promoting your site! You can also let visitors contribute content to your site or blog.


  • Easy to Manage – You may have a couple of websites that you’d want to add the Rumble Talk to. No need to worry because you have an option to use one account to manage all of your site & you can manage as many chats as you like in each site. You can even restrict inappropriate words. With RumbleTalk you can define a list of words and phrases that will be restricted & ban certain users to help control spamming visitors.


  • It’s FREE!

What better way to energize your website or blog? Use it to engage visitors &  to create a community in your website.


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