Get More Media Coverage & Exposure For Free Using HARO

HARO is the acronym for Help A Reporter Out. It is one of the largest free source repository, sending out over 1,500 queries from worldwide media each week. It is like a social networking site between sources, PR professionals and reporters. The site connects source with journalists who are under a deadline. More than 100,000 sources around the world are registered on HARO and are looking to be exposed in the media. 30,000 journalists use HARO to locate experts for on-air interviews and articles.Since HARO has been founded, it has marketed and promoted thousands of brands to the media, small businesses and consumers.

HARO is designed to help reporters and journalists get content. On the other hand, businesses, companies entrepreneurs, sources and PR professionals get media coverage, more media exposure and benefit from a totally free resource.

What you simply need to do is go to their website and sign up. You’ll get 3 emails per day on the topics that you have initially selected. The emails have media queries from reporters. So the queries are sent out by reporters and journalists who are looking for a certain kind of information. If you think you’re a good fit, you just need to write back to the reporter or the journalist.

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, how do you want to hear this?

“We’d like to go behind the gates of the most luxurious properties
in America. If you are a real estate agent with a property
listing worth more than $20M, we’d like to showcase its unique
features, artwork, antiques, etc. on WealthTV.”

So go and sign up now!

Here’s a video I got from YouTube which  describes in just a few minutes this amazing resource and how to use it.

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