Former CEO Sells Home the Traditional Way

Even the founder & former CEO of, Colby Sambrotto gave up on his own listing & hired a real estate broker after six months of having his 2,000 square foot New York condominium listed through online classified ads and FSBO sites. He hired New York broker Jesse Buckler who immediately suggested a price change as the listing wasn’t attracting the right buyer.
After giving up on the DIY route, Sambrotto’s decision to hire a broker led to attracting multiple offers, closing for $150,000 over the original asking price. The Wall Street Journal reports the listing sold for $2.15 million including a 6% commission. It was no doubt a good financial decision.
Marlow Harris, Seattle Residential and Investment Consultant at Coldwell Banker Bain Associates told AGBeat, “The founder’s dilemma is one we see quite often and is not unusual. Trying to sell your own property yourself or using a discount brokerage, is not the solution for everyone. Unusual properties, properties in the higher price range, these are more difficult to sell and often require specialization.”
Harris continues, “We see these choices across the board, from single family homes to huge housing developments. For instance, Vulcan, one of Paul Allen’s companies which has invested heavily in Redfin, does not use Redfin to market their many condominium projects. They use traditional real estate firms such as John L. Scott, Williams Marketing and Matrix Real Estate, finding that the do-it-yourself approach to real estate just doesn’t work for these types of sales.”
Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime.The stress of selling a house can be much reduced if you let a professional take care of the details for you.  Realtors have a larger volume of potential buyers, they can save you valuable time & price the home correctly. If you’re still not convinced of the importance of a Realtor in selling your home, I don’t know what else will.
Credits to AgentGenius

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