Facebook Remains the Most Popular form of Social Media

Online communities were created and maintained to reflect offline relationships. Commonly referred to as social media, this genre of Internet-based services which includes blogs, social interaction & communication, wikis, content-sharing sites, collaborative productions, etc., created a big change in the world.

According to the latest annual survey of the blogosphere conducted by Technorati, Facebook remains the most popular form of social media and dictates what bloggers post (depending on the trending topic on Facebook) more than any other source of information.

According to this year’s survey,  60 percent of all bloggers use social media to follow the brands that they blog about.

And 14 percent of bloggers spend at least 21 hours a week on Facebook.

Facebook gives  new ways for real people to play a role in providing feedback for organizations, companies and individuals. Whether you’re a big established company, an individual with loyal fans, or simply someone with ideas and opinions, social media means new ways to create and communicate with people to reach out to them & promote brand awareness.

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