Use EmbedPlus to Enhance & Upgrade Your Visitor’s Viewing Experience For Free

In a real estate business, you can’t overlook video as a part of your internet marketing plans. Almost all offices and households now have high speed internet access. The visitors of your real estate website may come from all around the country and some may come from other countries, probably looking around with plans of relocating. That’s why having a video for all of your home listings is very important to cater to both visitors, for those who are from the country, the video will show them every detail of the home more than what a picture does and will get them interested to visit and view the property as soon as they get the chance to. Same as with those visitors coming from other countries, it gives you an advantage compared to those real estate sites which don’t have a video. If the video is perfectly done and you’re lucky enough, you might just get the deal done before they even get to personally see the property.

For starters, you get some videos done and you can just upload it to YouTube for all to see. Make sure you put a link in your videos to lead them to your real estate site. Choose the right keywords for your videos to target the right people & viewers. The goal is to make most if not all of the visitors to your site & viewers of your videos to prospects.

I have found a new tool that gives added functionality and upgrade visitor’s experience in viewing the videos on your site, it’s called EmbedPlus. It’s a free tool that enables you to grab a standard YouTube link and add features like:

  • Scene Skipping –  DVD chapter buttons, you can mark multiple spots in the video and treat them like DVD chapters that your readers & visitors can skip forward and backward through the video.
  • Slow Motion –  Instantly watch videos at a slower rate to more clearly see what happens. (This is very important for home video tours for visitors to see the details in a slower pace)
  • Movable Zoom –   Dynamically magnifies the area you point over. Use it to get a close look at objects,and a lot more.  (Enables visitors to zoom in to see details like the counter top, back splash, floors & etc.)
  • Crop –  Cut / Splice / Chop only the particularly interesting part of a video to show during playback.
  • Real Time Reactions –  Discussions about a video occur in many places. Optionally enable this button to show viewers the latest Internet reactions, right inside the player. Currently showing YouTube comments and Twitter feeds.

To get a detailed information of all the features please visit the site.

You just go to the site, install the plug-in & keep those videos coming. The best part is this great tool is free!

I have attached a video below for you to get a glimpse of how it works.

[embedplusvideo height=”300″ width=”430″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=GDpv7NNgGSs&width=430&height=300&start=12&stop=&hd=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” /]

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