Are You Mining For All Your Gold?

I deal with a fair number of companies being in the business that I am in.(which is web marketing, shameless plug)

Most are small businesses that deal within a specific local area. So even though there are opportunities with SEO, we often also look at the other forms of marketing they use to reach and communicate to both current and prospective clients.

I call it mining. Because, not every person is looking for your service, you need to dig for your client and treat them like gold.

Most small local companies, use the newspaper, radio, maybe television. Some do Direct mail, some do newsletters, some of have a website.

But when I ask them do you have a database of your clients email addresses. I often get blank stares. They’ll spend thousands on all sorts of media, but forget to send and extremely cost effective email newsletter out to their current customers and prospects who have given their permission to receive information.

I understand the problem, there’s a technical barrier here. How to send them out? Am I spamming? What do I write about?

All really good questions, but lets review how any business grows.

1. Sell more products to more people.

2. Increase the amount you sell to the people you already do business with.

3. Increases the transaction value of each sale.

That’s pretty much it.

When you create an email newsletter, or postage newsletter, you’re looking at improving step two. Which is one of the most cost efficient methods to increasing your business. These people already do business with you, they already like you, they already trust you. They are loyal to you and the last thing you want to do is ignore them.

So here’s what you do, start asking for email addresses, in person, on your website, on the phone. Ask Everywhere and build your list.

Use something like Constant Contact or Aweber, both are easy to use, keep you CanSpam compliant and won’t cost an arm or a leg to use.

Then here’s the format I want you to use when mailing.

1. Short message from you.

2. Relevant Article.

3. Item of value, something like a coupon for a restaurant. Make a deal with a local company to include them in your newsletter.

4. Create Offer with a Call to action. Something complimentary to one of your key products or a new product release with a request to call you or go to your website for more info.

That’s it. BOOM, newsletter done. Don’t worry about fancy, worry about implementation, you can make it fancy as you go.

Now get out there and grow!

We would love to hear your thoughts.