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See How The Oldest Real Estate Brokerage in The U.S. Brought the Old Basics to New

NP Dodge is the oldest real estate company in the United States. For some reasons, the company has been regarded as old and conservative. But the old saying “It’s Hard to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks” does not apply to them. I have stumbled upon this video of the company on YouTube and I find…

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5 Facebook Pages That Everyone Must “Like”

Your business can’t afford to not have a facebook presence. The social networking site has more than 750 million active users despite the headlines about security issues and the virus that began to spread claiming to have photos of him shortly after the news broke about Osama Bin Laden being killed.Good thing Facebook Security Page…

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Percentage of Social Media’s Influence on Purchase Decisions Rising Fast

In so many ways, social media and online shopping have grown up together. Everything has been said and done about taking advantage of social media to market & grow every business. Social media provides excellent outlets for people to share with their friends and family shopping experiences which have pleased them, and online shopping platforms are,…

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Google Analytics Now Tracks Social Engagement

There are lots of ways for businesses to keep track of their social media activities and performances. Today, there are hardly any business which doesn’t have a Twitter, LinkedIn or a Facebook fan page. If you just invest enough time on these platforms, they can be efficiently and effectively used  for businesses. Google is getting…

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