6 Tips to Help You Secure Your WordPress Website

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and I thought it was appropriate to write up a few tips help you keep your site safe and snuggly for another year.  Follow the tips below and help make things harder for the hackers hiding in the dark. 1. Change the “admin” Username.  The “admin” username is the default…

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Calculating Your Leads Costs

Ever wonder where you should be spending your marketing budget every year. The key is understanding what is working and what is not.  In today’s video we cover how to figure that out.     Here’s the download link to the spreadsheet in the video. Lead Cost Comparison  

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How to Stalk Your Leads?

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Great Video with 50 Cent on Business Inspiration.

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Having trouble getting traction with your twitter account?

One of the biggest struggles my clients often have is starting a twitter account and gaining followers. It’s the ole chicken before the egg problem. No followers, no reach and as a result no new followers. So how do you break this vicious cycle of pain and misery. Start a twitter group. Find 5 or…

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Why “Don’t post real estate listings on Facebook” is completely DEBUNKED!

Anyone ever told you that putting your listings on Facebook will cause you to lose fans? Today we’re going to completely debunk that myth!

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Curating Local Content for Local Facebook Pages

How do you find good local content for your Facebook or Blog without wasting a ton of time? That’s what we cover in today’s video post. Hey do me a favour, if you find this video helpful, make sure you share.  If you have friend you know is struggling to make the most of social…

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WTF, and The Time Traveler Technique

The main goal of the Time Traveler Technique is to save you time.  Get something done now, that pays off in the future.  With that in mind, today’s video will blow you away. I’m going to show how to use a free service called  It stands for “If This Then That” and it will…

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Video, Your Website and Facebook, Can’t they all just get along?

I made a Facebook post a couple of days(February 13th) ago showing a video tutorial from James Wedmore, he demonstrated how to add external link annotations to your Youtube video.  I’ve put that video at the bottom of this post.  Take a look at it once you watch how to implement this technique to generate…

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Today! Mobile Searches, Great Content and Videos that Rock your Visitors World

Google and the National Association of Realtors just released a combined study showing the influence that Mobile, Video and Search are having on the buyer/seller process. I’ve included the entire presentation below my summary. There were 6 key take aways that I grasped while reviewing the presentation, I’ll out line them for you in the…

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